Buying Big & Tall Clothing

For those men out there sporting a little more belly fat than the average male, or just plain tall and stocky, big and tall clothing is something of a necessity. Look below for incredible deals on big and tall men’s clothing!

A lot of big guys tell me they don’t feel it’s worth dressing well. I strongly disagree. Looking sharp has an even BIGGER payoff for you. When everyone can see that you’re a man with high standards, discipline, and pride in himself – you stop being judged as ‘fat and sloppy’ and start being seen as ‘large and in charge’.

Now let’s start with the MOST important thing you can do to look great at your size – or indeed at any size – have you guessed what it is yet? 1) Know the name of your tailor!

Fat isn’t ugly – badly fitting clothes are ugly. And 99% of big men’s clothing fits badly. If the pockets flare out on your pants they’re too tight. Get pants that fit you in the waist and hips and if that leaves you with flapping clown pant legs – get them tailored. Everything below the crotch can be easily adjusted. Better still – consider custom-made clothes. Even if you’re not rich it’s better to have 5 perfectly-fitting made-to-measure shirts than 10 off the rack that kind of fit.

You want a belt that’s similar to your pants color – or at least doesn’t stand out too much. So with indigo jeans, try a navy belt in the summer, and the rest of the year maybe go for a dark chocolate brown with an antiqued rather than shiny look to the buckle. What this does is allow the eye to travel in an unbroken line from your waist to your shoes. It gives the impression that you have ‘legs up to here’ – which is very flattering.