Finding the Right Shorts For You

Wearing shorts is one of the best ways to stay cool and casual when it’s hot outside, plus it can look great! Look below for amazing deals on brand new men’s shorts.


Cotton is the default clothing material. It’s smooth, comfortable, easy to care for, breathes relatively well, and looks sharp enough in casual situations. But for typical summer conditions, cotton isn’t the best choice. The major downside is that cotton doesn’t dry quickly, or at all if it’s humid and you continue to wear it. So if you happen to get caught in the crossfire of a water-balloon fight, you’ll be walking around in soggy shorts for the rest of the day. And that also means that if you happen to suffer from the unfortunate event of visible crack sweat, that dark line isn’t going away until you have the opportunity to change.


Linen is the hot weather super star. It’s the material of choice for tropical and dessert dwellers around the world. It breathes better than cotton and dries much quicker. The downside? Linen clothes wrinkle like crazy! But the upside is that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Think about how a few scuffs on a pair of boots is a sign of quality leather. Likewise, linen has a distinct wrinkly texture that signifies that you’re wearing dedicated summer clothing. Or in other words, you take your style and comfort seriously enough to have specialty items. So the sooner you accept this as part of linen’s charm and allow it to become a hallmark of your rumpled carefree summer look, the better off and more comfortable you’ll be.


You can also split the difference with a cotton/linen blend. You’ll get the breathability and moisture management of linen with the wrinkle resistance of cotton. Of course, you won’t get the full benefits of either while retaining a portion of the drawbacks of both, but it’s a good compromise if you want improved performance but don’t want to go full linen.

Tech Fabrics

To men’s style purists, synthetic fabrics are typically viewed as uncomfortable, sweaty, and cheap looking. And that was mostly true – until recently. But the performance and tech fabric craze has pushed synthetic materials forward and they’ve come a long way, often outperforming the natural materials listed above. A North Face fleece jacket is the perfect example. Sure it’s made from synthetic materials, but it’s also super comfortable against the skin, doesn’t shrink in the dryer, and is warm and breathable at the same time. While natural fabrics are still the most common, you can’t stop progress. So expect to see more tech fabrics being used to create traditional casual garments in the future.