Get Fitting Women’s Linen Shirts

The ubiquitous simple-yet-polished button-down shirt is a wardrobe staple and goes with just about everything. See below for special deals on linen shirts!

Important Aspects of the Right Button-Up

“The first thing I would look for is fabric quality-nothing matters unless the fabric is beautiful,” McLoghlin says. “I’m a big 100-percent something and not blends [person], so either 100 percent cotton, 100 percent linen, or 100 percent tencel. The second thing I’d look for is silhouette and versatility (i.e. where am I wearing this to?).

Elements of a Button-Up That Fits Just Right

“[An important part to making sure your button-up fits] is evaluating the bust area. This is a dead giveaway of whether or not you have the perfect fitting shirt. The button placement should allow room for your bust, even if you are quite busty, without creating a gap or causing you to size up from your regular size.

You don’t want it to be so big that it’s a distraction (think ’70’s collars), but also not so small that it doesn’t draw the eye up to your face. Ideally, that collar should be versatile enough to allow you to wear it popped-up or wear it down, depending on the look you are going for that day. You want a shirt where the neck opening and top button placement are designed for a female body [so they] effortlessly create an open v-neck look. Remember, men’s shirts are designed to wear with a tie, so they naturally close across the front, giving a very closed and masculine look, which looks amazing on some women, but is tricky to pull off.

The shoulders: The perfect shoulders will depend on the style you are going for that day. Going for the classic look? Make sure the shoulder is crisp. Going for a relaxed look? Make sure the shoulder falls off effortlessly. Also check where it hits you at the waist, hips, and bum. For the classic shirt tail, it should curve at the front, around your hips, and down again in your back. The length would be even in the front and the back.”

Three Easy Ways to Style Your Button-Up

1.The Sleeve Roll: Roll your sleeve half way up your arm. Fold again, but don’t completely cover the cuff for a relaxed, casual look. 2. The Twist Tie: Skip buttoning the bottom few buttons. Grab both ends of the shirt and tie it into a knot. Repeat. 3. The French Tuck: Tuck the front of your shirt into your bottoms while leaving the sides and back untucked.