Getting Great Internet Bundle Deals

Broadband and TV deals are the perfect option for anyone looking to get the absolute best prices on both broadband deals and TV. Look below for amazing deals on broadband and TV bundles!

How Many People Will Be Using Your Connection?

The more people using your connection, the slower it will be for everyone. If you have a large family or live in a shared house with four or more, you should look for packages that are fast enough to accommodate everyone using it in once. We’d also strongly recommend shared flats and families go with an unlimited package. This is the most common type of deal these days, widely available from most providers, and means you can use the internet willy-nilly without worrying about being cut off or charged extra for more data.

Will You Stream Or Download TV & Movies Regularly?

This one’s worth separating out into its own point, as watching TV and movies online has become extremely important for some people. If you regularly tune into on demand services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video or BBC iPlayer, you’ll need a package that can accommodate it. Video guzzles the gigabytes extremely quickly, so unlimited usage is absolutely essential. If you can afford it, we’d also recommend fibre, as the high bandwidth will minimise buffering and allow for high-definition quality.

What Home Phone Package Do You Need?

Many broadband providers bundle call plans into their packages, so it’s worth thinking about what you need from your home phone – or even if you need one at all. The most common three types of call plan available are: pay as you go, evening and weekend calls, and inclusive anytime calls – and you can also get mobile and international calling plans from some providers.

Do You Want TV Too?

Bundling TV with broadband is a great way to save money if you want both services. Plus it means you only have one bill to deal with, so it’s a good way to cut faff too.