Getting Seafood Delivered To Your Door

Seafood is usually associated with a night out, but you can actually get quality seafood delivered to your door for a fraction of the expected prices. Look below for discounts on seafood delivery!

Best For Salmon Lovers

About Wild Alaskan Company: As you might have gathered from the name, this company specializes in fresh wild-caught seafood. It is generally thought to be both healthier and more sustainable than farmed fish, and company founder and Alaska native Arron Kallenberg has set his sights on helping American consumers gain access to good, fresh fish. All the fish is caught either in Alaska or the Pacific Northwest with a commitment to sustainability and transparency.

Best For Overall Variety And Selection

About Sizzlefish: Sizzlefish has one of the largest selections of fish you can order online, including salmon, grouper, tuna, bass, shellfish, calamari, smoked fish, crab (soft shell crabs, crab cakes and king crab) and much more. Most options are wild-caught but not all, so be careful which boxes or individual orders you place if that matters to you.

Best For Lobster

About LobsterAnywhere: As the name implies, this company specializes in the tasty crustaceans and ships them live and direct from the cold waters of Maine, the lobster capital of the US. They sell only hard-shelled lobsters, which are more expensive than soft-shell but are also considered to be the best — so you might be able to find cheaper lobsters in your supermarket, but LobsterAnywhere promises the absolute best in quality. Because of market fluctuation LobsterAnywhere’s prices also fluctuate but are generally competitive.

Best For Overall Quality And Transparency

About Sea to Table: Americans really eat just a small handful of types of fish at home, according to Sea to Table’s Sean Dimin, and one of his aims is to introduce folks to great catches like Atlantic skate, redfish or Dover sole. Sea to Table’s fish all comes from US wild domestic fisheries and is caught, landed and processed in the US. To prove it, each pack of fish has a traceability label so you know exactly what you’re getting and where it came from, down to the actual fishing vessel that landed it.