Reasons You Should Get a Silicone Wedding Ring

These days, it seems that wedding rings are being made out of every material there is, and the latest trend is the fashionable and durable silicone band. See below for the best deals on silicone wedding rings.

Silicone wedding bands are made using silicone rubber – a polymer containing silicon combined with other elements such as carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Silicone has numerous uses in electronics, healthcare, aviation, industrial production processes and now in jewelry as well. Because they’re comfortable and affordable, you don’t have to worry about bumping them or damaging them from daily exposure.

With so many alternative metals like titanium, tungsten, carbon fiber, meteorite and cobalt out there, you might be wondering what silicone wedding bands brings to the table. Here’s a look at the pros of silicone wedding rings:

Safe to wear. This is probably the biggest benefit of silicone bands which are safe to wear in almost any workplace. They’re recommended for jobs where you would need to use your hands a lot, including for cooks, mechanics, firefighters, athletes and medical staff. Because of the flexibility of the material, snag on objects like traditional wedding rings can tend to do and doesn’t cause injury. They’re perfect for people who live active, outdoorsy lifestyles and tend to blend in perfectly with the job. You no longer have to take off your ring every time you go out for an adventure.

Can be cut. Some metals like tungsten or titanium are very difficult to cut off in an emergency making them potential hazards. A silicone wedding band can be easily cut off if necessary. These rings are very affordable, often not costing more than $50. They can be customized to provide you with even more options and to look exactly like what you have in mind. Even with all this, a silicone ring would still be very affordable. Because of how affordable they are, even if you do damage or lose your ring, you can easily have it replaced without too much heartache.