Saving Big On Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret provides some of the best lingerie, underwear, sleepwear on the market to help women look and feel at their best. Look right below for the biggest discounts on amazing Victoria’s Secret items.

Victoria’s Secret can sometimes be pricey, but if you’re aware of these tips and tricks, you can save loads on your favorite underwear! For instance, did you know you can get a free bra fitting anytime you enter a store? Even without buying anything? Bra fittings are common at VS. Most of the staff are trained on how to do it. It’s totally easy – they can even do it right there on the sales floor.

Panty freebies used to be a regular offering. But now, it’s a “free panty” coupon and isn’t usually valid online. You can find them: Email/App Sign-up – These are typically a free panty with purchase. You’ll earn them by signing up for the newsletter or downloading the VS or Pink Nation apps. Monthly Promotions – You’ll almost always receive a monthly “free with purchase” coupon in your inbox. For example, a free “Body by Victoria” panty with any purchase.

Always give your email when you shop in the store. The more you shop, the more Victoria’s Secret coupons and freebies you’ll get. Victoria’s Secret tracks how much you shop and spend and they reward you for it! By signing up for Victoria’s Secret emails, you’ll stay up on current sales and promotions if you’re not visiting the site daily. Just a forewarning, you might receive emails 2-3 times a day. If that sounds too overwhelming, consider having a separate email account where you can send offers and multiple retailers.

Shop Victoria’s Secret Sport when they’re offering a bundle deal to save up to $89.00! We see this deal at least once a year – usually around February or March. The deal is typically something like this: “Buy any VS Sport tight and any sports bra for $50.00.” Considering the most expensive tights at Victoria’s Secret runs for about $89.50 and the most expensive sports bra is $49.50, you could potentially save as much as $89.00! Just make sure to read the fine print of any bundle deal – the offers aren’t the same every time, but the savings are usually worth the wait for new gear.